Eggplant, Pesto and Goat Cheese Pizza

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Happy Labor Day everyone!  I hope you’re doing something non-work related today and enjoying friends and family.

The weather in Greenville shifted this past weekend and I realized that my mood is 10,000% controlled by the weather.  When I left to go to the farmer’s market the other morning, it was 63 degrees out.  I was unusually nice all day long.;)  Less humidity and heat is welcomed.  I keep saying that I’m going to meet a beautiful Canadian man who will whisk me away to Alberta and I never have to deal with these hot temperatures again. #goals

My parents have eggplants growing in their garden and you would not believe how picture perfect these vegetables are.  They’re still-life quality if I were an artist.

I mulled over what to make out of it and thought hard about an eggplant parmesan, but after scouring pinterest for inspiration, I found a recipe from Food and Wine for a pizza.  It had me at goat cheese, so I went that direction.  I did a couple things different from Food and Wine’s recipe (which I’ll share below), but this was absolutely delicious.  Super easy to make and full of flavor.  A nice little nod to late summer vegetables as we transition to fall.

Mom and dad also had sweet red peppers growing in the garden so I added those to the pizza as well.  Get creative.  You can add anything that sounds good or leave off what doesn’t.  That’s the beauty of rolling your sleeves up in the kitchen.

This is a great vegetarian pizza, but you could of course add some cooked, crumbled Italian sausage before baking or even some slices of Prosciutto after it’s done baking for a little kick of protein for the meat lovers at your table.  Serve it alongside a simple salad and you’ve got a fantastic and easy weeknight meal that comes together in minutes or a lovely, rustic dinner to serve to friends on a weekend night.

Food and Wine’s Recipe: Eggplant, Pesto and Goat-Cheese Pizza

Now for my version! Enjoy!


Eggplant, Pesto and Goat Cheese Pizza

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