Whole30 Salmon Cakes over Spaghetti Squash

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When I was growing up, salmon cakes were a staple at our house for dinner.  My mom would always make them and serve them with a big scoop of mashed potatoes, slathered in butter, and a side of green beans (normally you would think green peas, but I’m not a pea gal, so she accommodated me with my other green side of choice).  Those salmon cakes were insanely good and bring back so many fantastic memories every time I think of them. I guess you could say, they were a total comfort food dish.

Since eating meat can sometimes be a bit of a challenge for me, I had to find alternatives to working protein into every meal on Whole30.  I love fish/seafood and could just about eat it daily.  There’s a recipe for Salmon Cakes in the back of the Whole30 book, so I tried making them.  I tweaked the recipe just a tad and what I ended up with was basically a version of what I remembered from childhood.  I ate the salmon cakes lunch and dinner for days until they ran out, and when I started a second round of Whole30 back in October, they were the first thing I made.

At first glance, this recipe might scare you due to the long list of ingredients. BUT… you’re throwing them all in a food processor and I promise you when I say, even for a slow cook (ehhh-hem, me), you’ll throw this meal together in no time.

I served these Salmon Cakes with a side of Spaghetti Squash that had an Italian flair, but you could totally serve these the old fashioned way with a mashed potatoes (since technically they’re whole30 approved, minus the butter and milk) and green beans.  Or you could always make mashed cauliflower in place of the potatoes for a lower carb route.  Stay tuned for a killer mashed cauliflower recipe on Wednesday, by the way.  Give this a whirl and let me know if these salmon cakes don’t take you back to being a kid again.;)

In the recipe section, you’ll see that I also give the option of serving the salmon cakes with a little dollop of Basil Aioli.  All you do is make basic aioli (link here) and add some garlic powder and fresh or dried basil.  Super easy and a delightful sauce to dip the salmon cakes in.




Salmon Cakes over Spaghetti Squash

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