Whole30 Sweet Potato Breakfast Patty

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Happy Monday friends!  Today’s Sweet Potato Breakfast Patty recipe is a version of a recipe that Brooke from KBStyled keeps in her Whole30 arsenal.  Over at The Wonky Spatula there’s a fantastic recipe for Sunshine Sweet Potato Tots.  When I read the recipe I thought, these would be amazing as a breakfast patty served alongside eggs and bacon.  The options don’t stop there, though.  These Sweet Potato Breakfast Patties would be great any time of day served with any type of protein you have on hand.  They sort of have a southwest flavor to them with the pepper, onion and spices in them, so my vote would be to serve them with chili rubbed london broil or BBQ chicken (made with compliant BBQ sauce).  Top them with some avocado slices or a quick mixed up guacamole and you’ve got a couple of easy, super flavorful meals that the whole family will love.

This recipe has a few ingredients, but don’t let that put you off.  It’s still really easy to make and if you want, double the recipe and freeze the other half of the patties after cooking them so you have an easy side dish to go back to when you need something quick to get on the table.  You could count that as food prep for a meal or two a couple weeks down the road.  When you’re on Whole30, it’s almost essential to have options on hand.  Meal prepping is helpful as well as freezing dishes to heat up when you get busy or just plain unmotivated.  Because lets be real, we all hit a slump a few weeks into a new change and are challenged with going back to old habits.  Be strong!  You can do this!  Definitely take advantage of doubling recipes and staying on top of meal prepping when you can.  Of course schedules get busy and no one is perfect, but if you can try, you’ll thank yourself when you want to throw in the towel and eat that cheesy burrito.


Sweet Potato Patty Plate on top of Stripe Napkin

Whole30 Sweet Potato Breakfast Patty Close Up

Plate of Whole30 Sweet Potato Breakfast Patty with Egg and Bacon

Whole30 Sweet Potato Breakfast Patty with Cup of Orange Juice


Sweet Potato Breakfast Patties

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