Salted Bourbon Caramels

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A couple months ago, I saw bourbon caramels in the airport on the way home from Kentucky and decided to give them a whirl at home.  I figured since they had bourbon in them, these Salted Bourbon Caramels would be a good recipe to post near Father’s Day if you’re looking for a little treat to make the dad in your life.  My dad is nearly impossible to shop for, so I like to make him treats instead.  A while back he told me about the blueberry pie that my grandmother used to make when he was growing up, so last year for Father’s Day, he got a big homemade blueberry pie!  There will probably be something similar in the works for him this year.  I hope he doesn’t read the blog before Sunday!  Spoiler!

Candy making can seem a little scary, and I’ll admit, whenever I make things like this I hold my breath until it comes out right.  But once you do it, you realize how NOT hard it is to make really yummy treats that you’d normally buy at the store.  It take salted bourbon caramels take a little extra patience, but the difference between homemade and store bought isn’t anywhere close to comparable.  If you follow these instructions step by step,  you can’t mess these up.  Then you’ll either want to thank me or kick me for showing you how easy it is to keep homemade candy around your house. (wink)


Salted Bourbon Caramels recipe adapted from Pillsbury


Salted Bourbon Caramels

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