Bourbon Spiked Russian Tea

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I have a cookie recipe that I use fresh orange zest in (more to come on those after the New Year) and I had about twenty six zest-less oranges sitting in my fridge after I filled a big order.  I try to be as savvy as possible with what I have in my kitchen, using everything to the last drop if I can.  For some reason the phrase “waste not, want not” always pops in my head when I have left over items lying around.  So, I squeezed every last one of those oranges!  Talk about working your arm muscles!  Fresh squeezed orange juice couldn’t be more delicious with breakfast, but since I’m on a ‘food as gifts’ kick, homemade Russian Tea was the perfect thing to make using up the fresh oj.  I remember going to the local Holiday Fair with my mom and aunt when I was little and some of the ladies had mason jars full of powdered Russian Tea in their booths, mixed up with instant tea and Tang.  It was such a coveted holiday treat.  How much did you love Tang as a kid?!  I know I’m not the only one out there that sometimes didn’t mix it with water either. haha!  That’s so gross to think about, but it sure was good at the time! Our recipe today, Bourbon Spiked Russian Tea.

Obviously I could’ve gone the old school route and made this with instant tea and Tang, but the homemade way adds a little extra something special.  Especially when you’re giving it as a gift.  And…this goes without saying, you eliminate a good portion of the bad stuff.  There’s still sugar in it, but you at least cut out the “instant” ingredients that aren’t so good for you.  I spiked my Russian Tea with Bourbon. You can also use dark rum or just leave it plain.  Either way you go, this is really good and so festive for the Holidays.  Christmas in a cup! Enjoy a cup of Bourbon Spiked Russian Tea this holiday season.


I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas!!!


Bourbon Spiked Russian Tea

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