Baked Okra, Tomatoes and Quinoa

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There are a couple of things that I can’t go a whole summer and not eat.  Tomato sandwiches, fresh peaches sliced up and drizzled with honey and sweet, juicy watermelon just to name a few.  Another one that I have to have is stewed okra and tomatoes, which ya’ll probably know already since I made the same thing last summer just over tilapia.  My mouth is watering typing this and thinking about all this food!

I know some people don’t care for okra unless it’s fried because it can have a slimy texture to it, but I love it.  As much as I would have looooved to have made a big pot of hot buttered white rice to put the okra and tomatoes over, I tried it a different way by baking it over quinoa flavored with vegetable broth.  I was pleasantly impressed!  It’s definitely a modernized version of traditional southern fare and really good at that.  This is a great main dish or side dish and if you make too much, which I did, wrap it up and freeze it for a night when you don’t feel like standing over the stove.

Baked Okra, Tomatoes and Quinoa¨

serves 4-6

Make the recipe for Stewed Okra and Tomatoes from the link below, minus the tilapia.


Stewed Okra and Tomatoes

SERVES 4-6 PrintDownload

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