Egg Salad

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Hot summer days call for cool make-ahead salads for lunch.  Right? This egg salad is simple to make and you can enjoy it as a sandwich, on a bed of salad greens or crackers. Some of you may recognize this photo and if it looks familiar, you’re right.  I posted this recipe last year and when we were going through the website redo, it got lost in the transfer.  That happened to a few recipes, so I made a list and I’ll be reposting them over the next several weeks.  I’ll also be mixing in some new recipes too, so we can keep things mixed up.

I am still trying to find my love for eggs, but my mom and sister love egg salad so I promised my mom I’d make her a batch after some lovely friends of mine gave me some eggs from their chickens before they left to go out of town.  This is so incredibly simple to make and you can enjoy it as a sandwich, heaped on a bed of salad greens or scooped up with a crispy cracker.



Egg Salad

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