Whole30 Greek Tuna Salad

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Tuna Salad is one of my favorite lunch choices.  I’ve made this recipe before, but today I’m tweaking it to be a Whole30 and Greek.  There’s a little deli here in town, that used to be down the street from where I lived and they have most delicious Tuna Salad on their menu.  I used to go almost weekly and order it.  After a while, I started to wonder if I could make the tuna salad at home and “healthy” it up a bit.  I’m pretty sure they use mayonnaise and sour cream in the version they make at the deli, so I wanted to lighten it up.  The first version I made had Greek yogurt in it with just a tiny bit of mayonnaise and it turned out really good.  Since you can’t have dairy on Whole30, I wanted to remake this tuna using compliant mayo.  Now I know I just griped about my distaste for mayonnaise in the last post, but since we made homemade aioli the other day, and I love that, we’re adding it to Greek Tuna Salad!

You will absolutely love this recipe if you’re a tuna salad person.  It’s so full of flavor and loads of goodies on top of the salad.  You can prep everything ahead of time so that when lunch (or dinner) rolls around, all you have to do is assemble everything and you’re good to go.

This tuna salad doesn’t have to just be Greek.  When I get it at the deli, I usually get it as a salad trio with grilled vegetables and fruit.  I will say, it’s incredibly good served as a scoop with a side of fresh berries.  It sounds a little odd, but I think it’s that sweet and savory thing that makes it taste so good.

I hope you enjoy this one!  It’s one of my staples.


Whole30 Tuna Salad Served on Bed of Greek Salad

Bowl of Greek Salad Topped with Whole30 Tuna Salad


Greek Tuna Salad

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