Veggie Enchiladas

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For today’s vegetarian, Meatless Monday dish, I wanted to share a vegetarian veggie enchiladas recipe I did a couple weeks ago when Andrea, from Mother Earth was featured on Kidding Around Greenville.  Since Mother Earth is now offering grass fed yogurt, we wanted something centered around that.  Ya’ll know how much I love to cook with yogurt. I decided to come up with a veggie enchilada that had a creamy, cheesy filling.  All the cheese you need for this dish can be found on Mother Earth’s website.  The extra little added bit of yumminess comes from homemade veggie enchilada sauce.  Don’t be intimidated by this at all. It is very easy to make and while it’s stewing, you can mix up the veggie enchiladas filling.

The veggie enchiladas recipe makes a pretty hefty amount, but the leftovers can be frozen, once cooked.

I hope you enjoy this Vegetarian Veggie Enchiladas recipe!  I know I sure did, being the Mexican food fanatic that I am!


Veggie Enchiladas

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