Ruthie’s Fanciful Raspberry Ribbons

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My neighbor, Ruth, has been telling me about this amazing cookie recipe she discovered years ago while she and her husband were living overseas in Germany.  She promised the next time she made them, she’d call me so she could walk me through the process.  Sure enough, just after Thanksgiving, I got a phone call one afternoon and Ruth was making cookies!  I immediately hopped in the car, drove over to her house and got a firsthand lesson on how to make them. These Fanciful Raspberry Ribbons aren’t hard by any means, but I’m glad Ruth showed me exactly what to do, because there is a special way of getting these little ribbons just right. Fanciful Raspberry Ribbons are so pretty and the raspberry jam on a delicate little butter cookie drizzled with just a hint of almond glaze is pure joy in a tiny bite. These Fanciful Raspberry Ribbons were passed around among the ladies over in Germany and when I tell you that Ruth has these tiny little delights down to a science, she has got them down to a science!  It was a raspberry ribbon making factory in her kitchen.  Every step perfectly planned out and timed, so you can make these in a snap.

It’s hard to argue that any cookie needs a special occasion, but these really are perfect for Christmas. The great thing about the Fanciful Raspberry Ribbons, is that you can get creative and use any flavor of jam you like.  Apricot, orange marmalade, lemon curd.  You can even play around with the powdered sugar drizzle.  Swap it out for a chocolate drizzle or flavor it with another extract that would pair well with the jam you’re using.  I will note that Ruth told me in the past she has tried vanilla extract in place of the almond.  While it tastes equally as delicious, the vanilla tints the glaze just a tiny bit, whereas the almond keeps it fairly white.  I told you she had these perfected!

I’ll be really anxious to hear from any of you if you try these.  I was so thrilled and honored that Ruth was kind enough to let me blog her recipe.  This is what makes what I do so fun.  I get to play in the kitchen with friends and then share it with you!  Best. Job. EVER!!!


Ruthie’s Fanciful Raspberry Ribbons

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  1. Dina December 18, 2013 at 6:50 pm #

    these are some of my favorite holiday cookies. yum!

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