Earl Grey Breakfast Creme Brûlée

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Is it terribly obvious I’m trying to get as creative as possible with breakfast?  As ya’ll know by now, breakfast is a tricky meal for me when I’m desperately seeking protein since I’m not a huge egg person.  I won’t eat scrambled eggs or hard boiled eggs or poached eggs, but I will eat the occasional omelette if it’s made right.  This is code for one, two eggs max, slammed full of veggies and cheese with a side of crispy breakfast potatoes or crunchy wheat toast. I’ve had the idea to do a breakfast creme brûlée for some time now and I finally got around to trying it.

These Earl Grey Breakfast Creme Brûlée are a great breakfast item since they pack a tiny little punch of protein from the eggs and fat free greek yogurt.  You could even add a couple scoops of vanilla protein powder for an extra protein boost.  When I make the Earl Grey Breakfast Creme Brûlée again, I’ll be doing that.  I was slap out.  Also, some of you may be a little concerned about the amount of egg yolks in this recipe if cholesterol is something you keep an eye on.  If this is the case, use an egg substitute instead.  Just don’t use egg whites.  The yolk (or something similar) is what keeps the creamy consistency of the brûlées.  Whites would make it weird, so skip those and save them for something else.

One more little note before I give you the recipe to the Earl Grey Breakfast Creme Brûlée, don’t let the following two things deter from making these.  1. Water Bath and  2. Blowtorch.  The water bath isn’t difficult, it’s simply pouring hot water in a baking dish while the little creme brûlées bake.  That’s not hard at all!  Plus, it will insure that these little breakfast confections stay decadent.  Blowtorch….do we even need to discuss how much fun this is?  How many recipes call for a blowtorch?  Any morning you solder sugar to your breakfast is bound to be a good day.  Just watch those eyebrows.

Here are a couple options for a blowtorch…  this one or this one.  If the idea of a blowtorch sounds like way too much trouble, you can place the brûlées with the sugar under your oven broiler for about 3-5 minutes and let the sugar caramelize that way.  It won’t be quite as effective as the torch, but you’ll get a similar topping.  Only put the sugar on when you’re ready to eat them.  If you caramelize the sugar and then put them in the fridge, the sugar will melt and you will have more of a liquid topping than a crunchy topping.


Earl Grey Breakfast Creme Brûlée

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