Bourbon Eggnog with Drizly

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Have ya’ll heard about Drizly?  If not, sit back and let me fill you in on this genius company… It’s an alcohol delivery service serving around 32 markets across the US and Canada.  Here’s how it works; Drizly has partnered with liquor stores in certain areas around the country where you can have an order delivered to your door.  You simply grab your smartphone (if it’s not already in your hand), put in your zip code to view what’s available in your area and then place your order to have it delivered where you want it, when you want it.  Think of it like a pizza delivery guy, but instead of pizza, he’s bringing you the bottle of bubbly you just ordered instead.  Yeah… Let that sink in for a minute.  Told you it was genius.

When Drizly reached out a few weeks ago and asked if I would like to partner with them and do a cocktail for the holidays, I immediately answered YES!  The concept behind this company is super cool and well, here at CGC, we don’t miss out on opportunities to make and taste test cocktails, so this was a win win situation.

I did some digging around on their sight and noticed a great selection of bourbon.  I don’t usually go straight to liquor when I drink.  I seem to be a beer and wine gal, but I do love me some bourbon.  Since I knew I wanted to make something with bourbon and something holiday-ish, a thought went to eggnog.  My aunt makes this amazing homemade eggnog every Christmas that we drink after dinner with dessert on Christmas eve.  She pours it in these lovely little glasses that are all mismatched and wonderful.  They aren’t much bigger than a thimble, so the pitcher of eggnog gets passed around about 10 times for people to refill their glasses.  It’s heavenly.

This eggnog is a little different from my aunt’s because it has bourbon in it AND it incorporates the Orange Cardamom Tea Cookies by crushing them up and rimming the glasses for an added little something. Sprinkle the top of the eggnog with a little ground cardamom and this is a killer dessert cocktail.

Let’s talk a little more about the eggnog.  This eggnog is not cooked. Yes, it’s a raw egg drink, but before you exit off this page (or gag) after reading that, hear me out.  I wouldn’t normally consume a raw egg but we’re dousing it in bourbon, so it’s basically being cooked.  If this still makes you nervous, I’ll provide a quick way to cook the eggs so you feel better.

And just so you can see how great this site really is, head over to Drizly to pick up a bottle of bourbon for when you make this recipe.  This will be the only way you shop for alcohol from now on.

You’re going to end up with a load of eggnog, so bottle it up to give as gifts or serve it in a big punch bowl at your upcoming Christmas party.  It’s sure to be a hit.

Thanks Drizly!  This post was a blast!


2 Glasses of Bourbon Eggnog

Bourbon Eggnog and Tea Cookies

Bourbon Eggnog Top 2

Bourbon Eggnog Close Up


Bourbon Eggnog with Drizly

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