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It’s such a chilly, gloomy day here at home and on days like this, I want warm comfort food.  I certainly ate my fair share over the weekend, but now I’m in search of a healthier kind of comfort food. Such as a Vegetable Tian. This past weekend, I was up in Asheville for a girl’s weekend with some gals I went to high school with.  I went to a different school than the others, but I have literally known them all since sophomore year.  Friendships that have lasted that long are so rare and I’m beyond thankful for each of those girls.  We have a blast together.

It was freezing up in Asheville, but I of course did my best to stay warm with a constant cocktail in my hand and some incredibly rich food.  I tried another egg dish Saturday at brunch, and have officially realized that as long as eggs are cooked soft, I’m in.  If they have the texture of rubber, you’ve lost me completely.  I also grabbed croissants from this amazing bakery up there called City Bakery and I’m now inspired to learn how to bake in the classic French method.  I have something to add to my “want to do list” in the kitchen.  Needless to say, my body is screaming for an abundance of healthy, yet delicious food after the weekend calorie consumption of a Vegetable Tian recipe.

I have never made a Vegetable Tian before, but it’s one of those old, hearty, Provencal recipes that can be either vegetarian all on it’s own, or a side dish.  Not only was it really easy to make, look at how fancy it looks with the layers.  Traditionally, for the Vegetable Tian, you would layer the vegetables in concentric circles, but I didn’t have a round dish that I liked for a photo, so I made this my own, by stacking the layers in rows.  The taste is still the same.

Because I wanted to make the Vegetable Tian as light as possible, I eliminated as much of the butter and oil as possible by broth sautéing the bottom layer of onions before layering in the vegetables.  If you haven’t tried broth sautéing vegetables yet, it’s a must.  I love the extra flavor the broth gives and for a fraction of the calories.


Vegetable Tian

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