Teajito (the southern mojito)

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I hope everyone had a fantastic 4th of July!  Mine was fantastic!  I was on the beach all day with friends, cooked dinner out and saw a few amazing fireworks shows while I twirled sparklers and enjoyed my glass of wine.  Since it’s Friday and we’ve got more celebrating to do over the weekend, I give you Friday’s cocktail!  It’s the love child of southern sweet tea and a cuban mojito.  Yum!  This is so so good and I’m not even a sweet tea drinker.  I know, and I call myself southern?!  What the H.  I got off of sweet tea several years ago and haven’t ever gone back.  If my unsweet tea ever gets mixed up with someones sweet tea, it’s like drinking maple syrup.  Toooooo much for this girl.  So with that said, I wasn’t totally sure how this would work out.  This Teajito (the southern mojito) is incredibly refreshing and could be one of those dangerous, you have no clue there’s rum in this, cocktails.


Teajito (the southern mojito)

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