Summer Fave: Avocado Pie

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Happy Friday everyone!  For my last, old summer favorite recipe, I had to post a dessert, an avocado pie.  I thought about a cocktail, but in the end I figured we needed something a little sweet going into the weekend and this sweet and creamy avocado pie will do just that.

This is my copy cat version of a pie that my mom and I had when we took a trip out to Arizona a couple years back.  She had meetings in Scottsdale, so I piggy backed along on the trip and we went out a few days early to discover the Sedona area and another area called Jerome.  Jerome was the coolest little town.  I don’t have to go on and on about it, if you read the post from last year, but it was high up on a mountain and had really interesting people, shops and restaurants.  In one of the restaurants, there was a waitress who was starting a pie company and this was one of the pies she had come up with. Avocado pie tastes very similar to a key lime pie, but with a creamier texture from the avocados.  This avocado pie is basically the love child of a cheesecake and a key lime pie.  If you like either of those, you’ll love this avocado pie.

Enjoy, friends!

Summer Fave: Avocado Pie

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