Stuffed Figs

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Are ya’ll appetizered out yet?  I feel like that’s all I’ve posted here lately, appetizers and cocktails!  Clearly I have partying on my mind!  However, you can never be too prepared for an impromptu party, so I say why not have some ideas on hand, such as these lovely stuffed figs.  Last year I shared a bourbon fig jam with you made from figs that grew in my back yard.  I love that tree.  Not only is it beautiful and it adds something interesting to my yard, it also provides a tiny bit of entertainment for dorky ole me.  It’s so exciting to watch the leaves and tiny buds of figs pop out in the spring and then watch them grow the whole summer until they are ready to pick.  Once a week I’ll mosey out there to see what’s ready and what has a little more time on the tree.  As I watch them grow my mind spins out of control with all they dishes I want to try involving figs.  This go round, I went really elementary and stuffed a couple handfuls of figs with a creamy mixture of blue cheese and cream cheese. Stuffed figs drizzle with honey to add to the sweetness of the stuffed fig and voilà a lovely little treat is ready in no time.


Stuffed Figs

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