Southwest Caesar Salad

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When it comes to food flavors, it’s hard to pick a favorite.  There’s something to love about every type of cuisine there is.  And for me, the more flavorful, the better.  One that I have sort of forgotten about lately, is the Southwestern flavor.  In all my years of travel, when I headed to Texas and anywhere west beyond, Southwest food was what I looked forward to the most.  Southwest food is basically a fancy way of saying rustic, Americanized Mexican food.  Mexican, Southwest, whatever…it’s all completely craveable in my book.

While in Houston one year, I discovered a Southwest Caesar salad that was absolutely to die for!  The Southwest Caesar Salad was romaine lettuce built up with black beans, corn, peppers and mixed with a delicious, smoky caesar dressing, then topped with cojita cheese and crispy, tri-colored tortilla strips.  AHHH-mazingness in a big bowl. I don’t know what made me think of that Southwest Caesar Salad the other day, but after it crossed my mind, I wanted to recreate Southwest Caesar Salad at home and also try to make it as healthy as possible.

As ya’ll well know by now, I try to make as much from scratch as possible and absolute musts, as of late, are salad dressings.  Honestly, there’s just no comparison to a homemade dressing.  They really are the reason I eat so many more salads now.  I can’t believe I bought the bottled stuff for as long as I did!  Anyway, we’re also all aware that creamy caesar dressing isn’t exactly waistline friendly.  Except today.  Yes, my friends, we have made over caesar dressing and you can eat it to your little heart’s desire.  All thanks to one of the greatest food inventions known to man…Greek yogurt.  Greek yogurt has become one of those standard grocery list items I buy every time I go to the store whether I need it or not.  If a natural disaster were to hit tomorrow, I’d be armed with toilet paper, cucumber/green tea Dove bar soap and Greek yogurt.  So random…



Southwest Caesar Salad

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