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I’ve done Southern Sundays posts about a little town just north of Greenville called Traveler’s Rest and I have to say, every few months, there seems to be something new to talk about up there.  It’s becoming quite the little destination spot with so many different and interesting things to explore. Today’s Southern Sundays post will be about Tandem.

This trip, my dear friend Leslie Kerrigan and I hit a little creperie called Tandem.  I’m so thrilled to have a creperie nearby.  Anywhere local that can feed my continuously thriving nutella addiction is always welcome.  What I’ve discovered from a couple of trips to Tandem is my love for savory crepes.  They have a mediterranean crepe that has sundried tomatoes, spinach, feta and you can add an egg to it (which surprisingly, I do).  Tandem also has one that is mexican style and one with just root vegetables in addition to a monte cristo and club crepe.  Everything about this place is wonderful, which is evident on any given day when there is a line of customers out the door and wrapped around the building waiting to get their hands on a piece of this fantastic concept.  If you’re ever in our area, don’t miss out on a crepe from Tandem.  You’ll be so happy so stopped in.

I give major praise to entrepreneurs in our area that are bringing a new look and vibe to our part of the South.  Some of the businesses that are popping up have the esthetic and feel of something you’d see on the along the west coast and in bigger cities.  As someone who craves travel and newness and discovery, these businesses are helping this part of the country stay current and paving the road to the new South for other’s to experience when they visit our wonderful town.

In the coming weeks be sure to follow along as Leslie and I share our adventures through our surrounding areas.  We’re taking notes, making lists and hitting the road to all the spots we’ve been wanting to explore.  We’re discovering all that this part of the South has to offer and we want you to come along with us!  To read Leslie’s blog and see all the amazing things she’s doing with photography and fashion head over to Leslie Kerrigan Photography.







 Photo Credit | Leslie Kerrigan Photography




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