Southern Sundays: Saturday Market and Artisphere

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Every Saturday from May to October we have a farmer’s Saturday market on Main Street in downtown Greenville. The Saturday market has been going on for a several years now and I have always wanted to go, but was either traveling during market season or just never made it down for what ever reason.  Last weekend was opening day of the season of the Saturday market so I was anxious to check it out.  Since we also had a big art festival in town I decided to go and just kill two birds with one stone.  My friend and partner in crime Ashley and I met up early and went down to see what kind of goodies we could find.  She had been before and was able to fill me in on the hot spots to hit.  One of the first booths we came upon was Split Creek Farm that had….GOAT CHEESE!!!  It was my fantasy buffet.  Goat cheese about 15 different ways and even fudge made from goat milk.  I could have stopped there and been happy, but then it got even better.  There was local honey, a fantastic fresh pasta stand where I bought a couple different linguinis and they had a whole chalk board full of different raviolis so I bought some of those too.  I’ll make a couple dishes with the fresh pasta and post on those later.  Our next stop was a cup of coffee from The West End Coffee Company before perusing the other booths.  There were local bakers, soap makers, nursery growers with fruit trees and flowers, fresh made salsas and pepper jellies and loads of produce stands.  We stopped at Parson Produce to check out their recent picks.  What an education to be able to talk to local growers in your area.  It really does give you so much of an appreciation when you meet the people that put their heart and soul into the products you put on your dinner table.  So many of the produce stands had broccoli and swiss chard by the basket full.  I was under the impression that those two veggies are more winter veggies than spring veggies.  Not the case.  They can tolerate warmer weather thus supplying us with endless options for side dishes through the spring.  The one thing I did pick up that I had never seen or heard of before was Kholrabi.  It’s a bulb that grows above ground and taste sort of like a lightly sweet radish.  I’ll also figure out something to do with it and post on it later.


After we left the market, we went and had breakfast and then headed to Artisphere.  Artisphere is an art festival that Greenville has been doing for several years and features local, regional and national artist.  There is everything from paintings, scuplutres, glass blowing, jewelry, photography, you name it.  One of my favorite exhibits is Brian Olsen’s Art in Action where he essentially jumps around a stage and dips his hands in paint to create a painting on a black canvas all while rocking out to music.  We caught the show where he painted Jimi Hendrix all while JH’s music played.  Last year I saw the show where he painted Bono while U2 blared throughout the park.  It’s pretty cool to see his paintings come to life in about ten minutes and his energy is amazing.  I may start pouncing around the kitchen while I cook, see if it inspires me to create any off the wall dishes. Worth a try!


Even though I’m writing about a festival that is currently going on, keep it in mind if you ever have a trip planned to Greenville during the month of May.  It’s a great event and will introduce you to a little bit of the artistic culture that has been booming in our city for the last several years.  And…if you’re ever in Greenville from May to October, definitely check out the Saturday Market and some of the goods that our wonderful producers in the upstate have to offer.


 Basket of yumminess from Split Creek Farms
 Street view of the booths
 Homemade salsas, jellies and hummus
 All kinds of variations of banana bread, even gluten free
Beautiful produce and my veggie education for the day
 A sample of Kholrabi
 Our River Walk area
 Sidewalk Chalk
 Ashley’s purchase
 Art in Action with Brian Olsen
Street view of Artisphere

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