Southern Sundays: Palmetto Cheese

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If you ask someone to name the top five most Southern staples, I promise one of them will be pimento cheese.  In recent years, I feel like it’s made a comeback.  It’s on menus everywhere these days.  There used to not be a good one that you could buy and really the only time I ever ate it was at the Masters.  In all my years in the golf world, the Masters was the only tournament that I would walk a practice round.  It was always Tuesday afternoon with my Dad and his friends and there was always a pimento cheese, bag of chips and a beer or three in hand while we were walking around watching the hubs play.    I bet I ate a pimento cheese every day of the tournament.  It’s not the best pimento cheese in the world, but scarfing it down in that setting and only paying a $1.50 for it maybe changed the taste a little bit.  I’ll put it this way, if that same sandwich came from a gas station you couldn’t pay me enough money to eat it.  Who’s a pimento cheese diva?!


Luckily for us Southerners, a couple out of Pawley’s Island, SC began packaging and selling their homemade recipe.  Now, really good pimento cheese is a quick run to the grocery store.  In my opinion, Palmetto Cheese is the best you can buy.  It’s even better than some of the local delis that make it fresh for lunch.  And believe me, I’ve gone on a pilgrimage around town…ok around the South, trying to find my favorite.  This is pretty damn good, especially since all you had to do was open the container, put it in a bowl and throw some crackers around it.  It’s one of my favorite no cook appetizers to have on hand.  I serve my Palmetto Cheese with Ritz crackers and a side of pickled okra and pickled green beans.  Doesn’t get much more Southern than that!


Check out the website above to see where you can buy it.  I know they sell it in several different stores in several different states.  If it’s not in a store in your town, you can always buy it online as well.


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