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I’ve been waiting patiently to share this post with you all because I feel like a lot of you ladies out there may be able to relate.

A few weeks ago, I shared a little teaser post about the fabulous duo, Kristen and Cathy, with edit + style from Charlotte, NC who were coming down to help me edit my closet.  What is closet editing you may ask?  Well, they come in, “shop” your closet with a fresh pair of eyes and perspective and style together outfits, top to bottom. THEN, they photograph them and put them in a book for you to go back to on those days where you’re not sure what to wear or if you’re headed out of town and need to pack in a flash.  Not only do they style out the outfits for you for just about every occasion you could think of, they also give you options for dressing certain looks up or down and remind you of it in the book they put together for you. This is shear genius for someone like me who can sometimes (okay maybe a lot of the time) have the memory of a goldfish. Being able to go back to pictures while I’m getting dressed cuts down on get-ready time, but it also helps me leave the house feeling confident, which is worth it’s weight in gold.  When you feel good in what you’re wearing on the outside, a lot of times, it helps you shine from the inside.  That may be a little cheesy sounding, but I swear it’s true.  Am I right, ladies?

With that said, here’s the WHY I asked Kristen and Cathy to do this collaboration with me.  I’m going a little deeper than I prefer, so bare with me while I walk out on a limb a teensy bit.  This past year and a half has for me, not been my most stellar of years.  I won’t go into all the details, because at this point I find them irrelevant, but in the midst of some transitions and happenings that were taking place both personally and in business, I became a version of myself that even I didn’t want to be around.  It’s pretty bad when you get to the point of wanting to escape yourself.  If I wanted to get away from me, I can’t imagine how my friends and family felt.  I was baaaaad company to be around.  Spending time in a not so sunny place for a consecutive amount of time left me feeling physically and emotionally like crap.  What’s worse is by feeling that way I was isolating and when I isolate, I have a tendency to eat all of those negative, toxic feelings.  The pounds were packing on, which made me want to isolate even more and basically I was in a very unhealthy, vicious cycle.  There’s no worse feeling than looking in a mirror only to see a stranger looking back at you.  Finally this past July, I had reached my limit of sourness.  I was forced to ask myself the questions no one really ever wants to ask themselves, even though it’s healthy for our well being, and that reflection eventually put me at the proverbial cross road.  There was a choice.  A choice to put my big girl panties on and start making positive changes to get out of the 2015-2016 funk, or get bigger and bigger and more and more alone and unhappy.  Choice B didn’t sound quiiiiite as much fun, so I landed on choice A and put the wheels in motion for getting. it. together.

A couple weeks later, I committed to doing a round of Whole30.  I can’t say enough great things about what that program did for me.  It got me thinking about my health again and focusing on getting bad-for-me foods out of my system and good-for-me foods in my system.  By week four, I felt like a new person.  The physical part that was feeling crappy was starting to feel normal again.  I had loads of energy, was exercising more and that alone was making a tremendous difference.  I still had some fatigue issues, so I met with my doctor to help me regulate some of my wacky hormones who had decided to suddenly get a mind of their own.  That’s a whole other conversation for another time, but I know some of you ladies can identify with what a wild hormone can do to you. Lawd have mercy… talk about send you to crazy town.  Those little boogers are no joke.  Not long after my doctor visit, emotionally, I was feeling better.  I was getting out of my head, thinking more positively and things were moving in the right direction.  I was starting to feel happy again and grateful for every single minute thing in my life.  Personally, when I move away from focusing on the blessings I’ve been given, my happiness sinks.  The two go hand in hand for me, so in this time period, it’s also been a chance for me to take some quiet time to focus on my spiritual health and get back that relationship with my Creator that I so desperately need and thrive on.

When the new year was approaching, I started thinking about what I wanted 2017 to look like business-wise at every angle.  Being a food blogger, it’s easy to just post food and go on with life, but I know that it’s sometimes a nice break for people to see WHO is actually cooking all this food.  I haven’t wanted to add the personal aspect to the blog in the past because I haven’t felt very confident about letting myself be seen.  I tend to dress in oversized comfy clothes that hide my “wobbly bits” (like my Bridget Jones reference there?;) ) which doesn’t translate very well on camera, so it suites me just fine to stay away from them or behind them.  At the end of the day though, who the heck cares?!  Worrying about what others might think robs us from a portion of living life.  We all come in different shapes and sizes, we grow and shrink with time and we all have things we don’t love about the way we look.  But…we’re also all made perfectly different and that’s what I’m giving my best attempt at celebrating this year.  Here’s where Kristen and Cathy’s expertise comes in.  Their in the business of helping curate that outward confidence for their clients, so I knew they’d be perfect for the job, so to speak.  I mentioned to them that I’d like help putting together some outfits that I can not only feel confident in at a business meetings, but that would photograph well on my particular body type. I’ll say it again, if you feel good in what you’re wearing on the outside, you really do you shine from the inside.

Kristen and Cathy styled out several outfits that will carry me through the spring and I’ll be wearing them and showing them to you on the blog and on social media in the months to come.  The idea is to share more behind the scene shots this year, because my intention is to invite you all into my life a bit more.  I’m really good at the opposite, so my goal for the new year is be more open.  This is as much a personal exercise as it is a business exercise.  I want you all to see the little home I’m making for myself, the kitchen I cook in, the new recipes I’m creating and all things tea cookie business.  I can’t make any promises that it will be the most fascinating, but it will be me and here for you to enjoy should you choose to follow along.;)

Kristen and Cathy, thank you so much for coming and spending some time with me in my home and putting some old and new items from my closet together that get me excited about getting dressed to take on the world!  I appreciate you both so much and can’t wait to play again!

For those of you who would like to transform your closets and increase that inner/outer confidence when you leave your house everyday, you can contact Kristen and Cathy through their website www.editandstyle.com  Also be sure to follow them on instagram to see some of the other amazing outfits they’re styling for clients around the south. @editandstyle


Here are a few of the outfits they styled for me.  I can’t wait to wear them and show you the others!


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4 Responses to Southern Sundays: edit + style

  1. April Blake January 29, 2017 at 5:19 pm #

    This is like having that computer program of Cher’s from Clueless that puts together outfits but BETTER!

    • Jennifer Glover February 15, 2017 at 7:01 pm #

      LOL I thought the SAME thing April!

  2. Christy Jordal January 29, 2017 at 9:03 pm #

    What a brace and inspiring post! I’m so proud of you, and am so lucky to have you in my life!

    • Jennifer Glover February 15, 2017 at 7:00 pm #

      Thanks Christy!! I appreciate it!

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