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For today’s Southern Sunday, I thought I’d share the other half of my business with you!  Some of you may not know that in addition to the Carolina Girl Cooks food blog, I also have a specialty foods business.  I sell four different flavors of tea cookies, Lavender and Orange Cardamom Tea Cookies.  Some people ask, what are a tea cookie?  Well, it’s basically a shortbread cookie that I have infused with a few funky flavors.

These tea cookies came about after I had tasted a dessert, during a trip to San Francisco, that had lavender in it.  I thought it was one of the most unique flavors I’d ever tasted and wanted to try experimenting with in my own kitchen.  It just so happened, I was growing lavender in my back yard at the time.  I harvested as much as I could from a few tiny plants and started cooking.  After a few attempts at a few different things, the lavender kept finding it’s way into the form of a cookie.  From there, the tea cookies were officially born.  I made and remade the Lavender cookies about a thousand times, it seems, perfecting the recipe.  When it was exactly as I hoped, I played with a few other flavors, finally landing on Orange Cardamom as the second cookie.  I shared the cookies with friends and family for about five years or so, before I was encouraged to consider packaging them.  Since I was starting another chapter in life as a newly single gal, I figured why not take a leap and go for it?!  Let me tell you, it’s been the most fun I’ve ever had in my life.  Not only am I getting to do what I love, I’m getting to share my love with anyone who buys the cookies.

When I relaunched the blog in March of 2013, a rough concept for cookie packaging was designed to complement the look of the site.  It took a little while to get the Carolina Girl Cooks tea cookies going and when I went to revisit the packaging, we (my incredible design team and I) decided to rethink the packaging we had in place and go for something a little different.  We spent about a year thinking about and playing around with a few designs until we landed on the beautiful tins we have today.  I couldn’t be more pleased with how they turned out.  They are literally my imagination brought to life.

The corner designs on the tins are the ingredients of each cookie hand drawn and printed on the tins.  Yes, my incredible designer drew out flour, sugar, butter and the respective flavorings that fill the corners on each tin.  We have the website printed on the bottom, so you always know where to go to buy more Carolina Girl Cooks tea cookies and the tag line, Live Life Deliciously, printed on the top of the tin as a sweet reminder to enjoy every moment of life as well as the cookies inside the tin.

I personally hand make every batch of Carolina Girl Cooks tea cookies that go out.  When I say I get to share my love with anyone who buys the Carolina Girl Cooks tea cookies, I really mean, I get to share my love.  I have some friends that own a wonderful restaurant in town, that allow me to access their kitchen when they are closed so I can make these little confections.  It’s been an adventure getting them going and this is only the beginning.  I have two more flavors in the works, so the idea is to have a tea cookie that represents each of the four seasons of the year.  Right now, Lavender covers spring and summer and Orange Cardamom covers fall and winter.  Stay tuned for the upcoming flavors to be released late next year and in 2016.

The Carolina Girl Cooks tea cookies make fantastic gifts for anyone on your shopping list and I wanted to make sure you knew about them with Christmas just around the corner.  For the next week, we’re going to be running some fantastic specials on the shop page, so be sure to check those out so you can knock out some of your shopping.  We offer single tins, double tin box sets that come with a recipe card (a recipe from the website so people know I do both) and they are of course available to buy in bulk.  We also wholesale the Carolina Girl Cooks tea cookies, so if you own a retail store and are interested in selling them, just holler, and we’ll get you the information. [email protected]

The Carolina Girl Cooks tea cookies pair great with white wine, are delicious crumbled over vanilla ice cream and are, of course, fantastic with a hot cup of tea or coffee.  If you order Carolina Girl Cooks tea cookies for gifts, just make sure to order an extra for yourself.;)

Enjoy, friends!

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