Skinnier Broccoli Salad

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Last weekend my mom and I loaded up our dogs and took them up to Furman University to walk around the lake.  The weather has been unseasonably warm and there was no reason at all not to take advantage of a high 60’s day in January.  Furman is a favorite place of mine to go and walk around.  They have a beautiful lake, rose garden and there is a great view of Paris Mountain (another special Greenville spot) from just about anywhere on campus.  It’s also about the only place in town I can get my lazy little weiner dog to actually go for a walk to get exercise.  After our walk and wearing the puppies out, we drove another five miles or so up the road to Travelers Rest to have lunch.  There is a great little restaurant up there that we like to have lunch at called William’s Hardware.  What’s so great about this place, besides the fact that the food is wonderful, is that the Swamp Rabbit trail runs right behind it.  The Swamp Rabbit Trail is an old railroad that was paved over and turned into a biking, walking and running trail.  It stretches a little over thirteen miles from Downtown Greenville up to Travelers Rest.  On nice weather weekends it’s fun to ride your bike from Greenville up to William’s Hardware, park and have lunch on the screened porch and then ride back.  When people come from out of town who have never been to Greenville before, I love to take them bike riding on the trail and to lunch because it’s just one of the many unique things to do in our little southern town.

They had Broccoli Salad on the menu at William’s, so I got it as a side to my vegetable quiche. The Broccoli Salad was so good that I instantly started craving it as the last bite left my fork.  So, I decided to recreate a batch of it for my lunch this week.  My only task was to make mine as low fat and low calorie as possible.  For a good portion of the fat and calories to be removed from my version, I have to say it’s really good.  So much so that I don’t really miss the sugar or regular bacon in mine.  Well…maybe the bacon.  Try this as a side to a sandwich instead of chips.  You’re getting in an extra veggie and I think you’ll be pleased with  how good it taste. Healthier broccoli salad.  YUM!!  Enjoy!


Skinnier Broccoli Salad

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