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Welcome Packs


Welcome Packs affectionately got their name from brides using them in Welcome Baskets for out of town guests staying at hotels.  We liked it so much it just sorta stuck.  Welcome Packs are the perfect snack size, with three cookies in each pack.  They are available in sets of 12 packs.

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Product Description

The welcome packs are available in all four flavors, Lavender, Orange Cardamom, Chocolate Chip Rosemary Sea Salt, Rose, and a variety pack which contains all flavors.  There are three cookies in each sealed pack.  The front sticker mirrors the front of the tins, while the back sticker gives the detailed list of ingredients.

Welcome Pack Dimensions: 3.75in x 6in

Additional Information

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Lavender, Orange Cardamom, Rose, Chocolate Chip Rosemary Sea Salt, Variety Pack

Shipping Information

All cookies are baked to order.

Orders are typically turned around in 1-2 days. During busy holiday seasons, that time could be extended up to 4-5 days.

We ship flat rate, priority USPS. Customers will be responsible for extra shipping charges if orders are expedited.



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