Sage and Blackberry Sauce

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You know those little yogurt cups you can buy at the store that have the filling you can pour into the yogurt and stir?  Well, I’m hooked on them!  I’ve been buying them so much lately, I figured it would be fun to play around with a few different, out of the box, flavors of my own to add to yogurt.  The first one was a Sage a Blackberry Sauce.  I love the smoky, woodsy flavor of sage and it pairs so deliciously well with the sweet, tartness of the blackberries. Perfect combination for the sage and blackberry sauce.

Making your own yogurt sauces at home also gives you the opportunity to control the amount of sugar you add to the sauce as well as the kind of sugar you add.  If you’re okay using good ole regular sugar, then by all means, go with what you like and know.  If you’re trying to stay away from more refined sugars, you can use alternatives such as coconut sugar, date sugar or even honey.

This sage and blackberry sauce is fantastic in yogurt, but it would also be great mixed into oatmeal, drizzled over ice cream or even served over your favorite slice of cheesecake.  To go a little towards the savory, spread this over cream cheese and serve it with crackers for a quick and easy appetizer.


Sage and Blackberry Sauce

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