Roasted Jalapeño Spanish Tortilla

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Happy Wednesday everyone!  If you’ve never heard of a Spanish Tortilla, allow me to introduce you.  Basically, this is the Spanish version of an omelette, except it’s crammed full of potatoes.  Crispy FRIED potatoes. Code for: I immediately love it.  It’s very reminiscent of a frittata, with more of a home fry, potato base.

Jalapeños have been in abundance at the farmer’s market and my parent’s had a few in their garden as well, so I snagged a bunch and starting mulling over things to make with them.  I’m personally a big fan of spicy food, so loading this tortilla up with jalapeños and red peppers was no biggie for me, however, if you’re serving it to a crowd who would prefer a little less heat, just add one and remove the seeds.  This is a great make ahead dish to have on hand for breakfast all week long or lunch or dinner.  Throw a salad with it and you’ve got a quick and easy meal ready to go.  Don’t forget about this one if you’re having friends over for brunch this weekend either.  It’s hearty, so it’ll stand up to those mimosas or bloody marys you might be getting into.



Roasted Jalapeño Spanish Tortilla

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