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I’m excited to share today’s Rhyme and Reason Cocktail with you because I think it’s sort of different!  I don’t want to say that it’s been cool here in Greenville, but there’s definitely been a couple of mornings that I’ve felt a light breeze.  It’s more of a ‘I just walked by a fridge that’s slightly ajar’ and not ‘I’m standing in front of my hairdryer’ breeze.  Just cool enough to make me dream about those coveted temps of fall.  Ahhhhh, bring on chilly weather!!  This girl is ready!

This Rhyme and Reason cocktail, while summery, is the perfect transition to a fall cocktail.  Dare I say, I would even make this at Christmas.  It’s full of citrus flavors with a hint of spice and I don’t know about ya’ll, but I tend to associate citrusy flavors with Christmas.  Think big oranges decoratively pierced with spicy cloves…mmmhmm, you can smell them can’tcha.

I bought a big bag of grapefruits the other week because I decided that I wanted to squeeze fresh grapefruit juice in the mornings from here on out.  Great in theory, but it lasted about a week and a half.  Anywho, I had some grapefruits left over and wanted to make a cocktail using them.  Not a margarita, we’ve done that, and not a Greyhound, because that’s easy and you can make those any ole time.  In comes the lovely and delicious Rhyme and Reason.  No clue why it’s named that, but we’ll go with it.  I made a couple minor changes to mine, but it was pretty much made as I found it.  To make it exactly how the creator did, click on the link below.

Hope you have a fantastic weekend!

 An Adapted from this recipe


Rhyme & Reason

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