Ramen Noodle Bowl

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I think everyone has their go to cuisine.  Some could eat Mexican food daily, others Italian, and so on and so forth.  I’m definitely a Mexican food gal, myself.  I could live on cheese quesadillas stuffed with onions, peppers and jalapeños and topped with a big dollop of sour cream and guacamole.  And that’s just to start.  Mexican food in general, especially the real thing, is absolutely to die for.  One of the things on my bucket list is to go down to Mexico and learn how to cook traditional Mexican food.  Wouldn’t that be fun?!  I might just have to see if I can get that planned in 2015.  I’ve never been to Mexico at all, so that would be a cool excuse to fly south of the border. Just as much as everyone has their favorite cuisines, I think they have some that they like, but don’t necessarily gravitate towards.  Asian food, until now, is that cuisine for me. Today’s go to recipe, is an Asian Ramen Noodle Bowl!

Don’t get me wrong, I love sushi,  the occasional Chinese takeout, and their’s one Thai dish that I could live on in addition to quesadillas, but for the most part, food that stems from the continent of Asia, isn’t my go to.  Until now, that is.  I have seen loads of really beautiful Ramen dishes fly through my Pinterest page and I’ve been interested in trying them to see what they’re like.  I knew they had to be a little different from the ones I used to eat in college, and of course, this Ramen Noodle Bowl recipe was.  Having never made this Ramen Noodle Bowl recipe before, I didn’t really have a recipe to go on, just the basics, so all the ingredients added to the Ramen Noodle Bowl recipe you’re seeing here are added for the absolute heck of it.

I’ve also found a new way to make chicken.  For this Ramen Noodle Bowl recipe, we’re poaching it, which is not only fool proof, but quite possibly the best way to get tender, juicy chicken that falls apart as soon as a fork hits it.  I had every intention of slicing the chicken you see in the pictures, but it was so tender, I ended up having to shred it because it wouldn’t stay in slices.  THAT is how chicken was meant to be cooked.

The weather around here isn’t getting any warmer over the next few days and the ice we got from yesterday is slowly starting to melt, but this warm Ramen Noodle Bowl is the perfect belly warmer for these lingering chilly days.  Hope you enjoy this one!


Ramen Noodle Bowl

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