Pumpkin Macaroons

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I consider this Pumpkin Macaroons recipe a HUGE accomplishment.  The picture you’re looking at above is about the tenth batch of these little suckers that I have attempted to get right for over a week now.  After the first two batches of pumpkin macaroons were a fail, this became what I can only describe as nothing short of a ‘macaroon mission.’  I may have even thrown up a fist in the kitchen and given my best Scarlett O’Hara impression proclaiming “As God as my witness, I refuse to make a bad macaroon!!”  I am officially a ridiculous food dork.
In all honesty, they really are super easy cookies to make, I just like being overly dramatic sometimes.  The hurdle was my oven.  I cook on an AGA, which as some of you may know is basically like cooking with a really large crockpot that stays on all the time.  The way the ovens work is that the floor of them is the lowest temperature while the top is the highest.  So if you’re baking a cake, the cake would go in the baking oven about halfway up.  The floor is about 325, middle 350 and top about 375.  The other ovens are generally the same thing just different temps for what you’re doing.  But you don’t have the option of raising or lowering the temperature of the unit.  You move your dish around to the proper oven depending on what temperature you need.  Tiny, fragile little macaroons need to be started in an oven that is 325 and then reduced to 300 during the cooking process.  The pan should go in the upper third of the oven to start and then the bottom third halfway through cooking.  In a nut shell, I can’t do that.  So it was a challenge to move them around in my ovens to figure out what the best cooking formula was to get pretty cookies that were crack free.  I did it!!!  My friend/neighbor gift will most likely be macaroons for Christmas this year.  I’m so flippin’ excited I got these Pumpkin Macaroons right.  They are delicate and pretty and you can make them in a gazillion different flavors.  Pumpkin macaroons are perfect and delicious little creations to impress your friends.  No need for a patisserie, your kitchen can become French anytime you want.


Pumpkin Macaroons

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