Peach & Blueberry Crumble with Lavender Tea Cookie Topping

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I’ve been savoring this year’s local peach crop as much as humanly possible.  In the last week or so, I’ve basically been eating a peach at every meal.  In the form of a smoothie for breakfast, throwing them on salads for lunch and even on pizzas and tacos.

One thing I look forward to at least once every year around this time is a peach cobbler.  So much so, I even asked for one for my birthday a few years back.  There’s nothing better than hot, spiced peaches under a crispy crust, dolloped with vanilla ice cream.  pure. heaven.

Today’s recipe is a play on this favorite of mine, but with the addition of blueberries and topped with crumbled lavender cookies.  I try and utilize the tea cookies that I offer in different ways, showing customers that the cookies aren’t just cookies.  They can be used in many different ways, both sweet and savory.  The hint of lavender from the cookies pairs perfectly with the sweetness of the fruit.  If you’re headed to a end of the summer cookout or if you’re entertaining for Labor Day coming up in September, this would be one hell of an ode to summer.  In fact, you may want to make a couple of these and freeze them just to have a taste of summer on hand once winter hits.

This recipe calls for Lavender Tea cookies, click on the link to purchase.  Lavender Tea Cookies


Peach & Blueberry Crumble with Lavender Cookie Topping

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