Matt’s Curry Chicken Salad

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My sister’s boyfriend, Matt, makes some of the best curry chicken salad that has ever passed over my palate.  If this was on the menu at a lunch spot somewhere, I promise the restaurant would sell out before the lunch hour was even close to over.  The great thing about this chicken salad is how versatile it is.  It’s great as an appetizer in mini fillo cups, piled high on a salad, on a sandwich (best on a buttery croissant) and it’s great just scooped up with crackers.  If you have a shower coming up for a blushing bride or momma to be, I highly recommend making this.  It will be a hit for any occasion.
Matt’s version is really, really yummy and by that I mean it’s the “full flavored” version.  If you are making this for a party, make it Matt’s way.  You and your guests definitely don’t want to skip out on the deliciousness.  However, if you are making it for yourself and you’re slightly more concerned about your daily caloric intake you can make my variation.  I’ll write out both.


Matt’s Curry Chicken Salad

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  1. [email protected]! August 4, 2012 at 2:05 pm #

    My husband would love this. Love. Love. LOVE. I myself am a mayo hater (he’s attempted to convert me for years) but maybe I can whip this up for him as a special treat…his with mayo and mine with the greek yogurt:)

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