Summer Project: A Garden!!

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I’m growing produce!!  Whoohoo!  I have a little summer project and I’m super excited about it, so I had to share.  I’ve probably mentioned before that I have always wanted a farm. But a garden will have to do. I blame Sophia Coppola completely for giving me the idea of trying to recreate  a version of Hamlet when she made the movie Marie Antoinette.  I absolutely loooove that movie!  It’s so girlie and pretty and the Hamlet scenes are so idyllic.  Naturally, now I want a farm where I can have sweet barnyard animals running around and fresh strawberries to pick and to serve my friends fresh milk (or maybe wine) in dainty tea cups when they come over.  Wouldn’t you want to visit a little farm like that?!

A couple weeks ago Kyle (my sweet plus one) and I planted a garden!  My first attempt at recreating Hamlet!  Minus the sweet barnyard animals.  And strawberry plants.  And fresh milk in dainty tea cups….   Ok, so Rome wasn’t built in a day and clearly Hamlet wasn’t either,  but look at what we’ve done so far!!!  I’m so proud of it!    The whole garden area where Kyle lives has 10 10×10 plots.  Let me tell you, 10×10 is a lot bigger than you might think.  You can get a TON of plants in that amount of space.  Others have been planting as well so it’s been nice to meet some of his neighbors and see what’s in their gardens.  So far tomatoes seem to be the most popular.  Sweet barnyard animals to come… Probably not, but they’d win my popular vote over tomatoes.;))

Here’s what we have:

1. Corn!  4 stalks to be exact.  Mr. Iowa wanted corn, so corn we planted!

2. Green Beans

3. Okra

4. Cucumbers

5. Squash and Zucchini

6. Peppers: Jalapeño, Green and Red Bell and Poblano.  There’s a homemade chili relleno in my future!

7. Tomatoes:  Lots of these…Cherry, Roma, Yellow Pear, Mountain Pride and some heirloom variety.

8. Herbs: Sage, Red and Sweet Basil, Chives and Mint

9. Watermelon: Regular and Yellow!  I’d never heard of yellow, so I had to try it.

10. Cantaloupe.  Little piece of cantaloupe…mozzarella…wrapped in a paper thin slice of prosciutto, glass of wine… Yes puh-leeze!

Oh, and in June, pumpkin seeds will go in.  Gotta grow a pumpkin for Halloween.;)

Quite the bounty we’ll have in approximately 76 days according to the little tags that came with the plants.  Here are a few pics of the garden the first day it got planted.  I’ll keep you posted on it’s progress as it grows and of course have some new recipes with all these homegrown veggies from my garden!


 photo 3

My little helper, Iris the wiener dog.


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