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Happy Friday everyone!  I wanted to introduce you to a fellow food blogger I’ve been following, who’s site is absolutely fantastic for delicious, healthy and family friendly meals.  After the recipe she’s so graciously sharing today, I think you’ll be just as addicted to her site as I am. Thanks Katie!


Thank you so much for having me Jennifer!  I am Katie from Healthy Seasonal Recipes, and I am so glad to be here today to share my recipe Broccoli and Bacon Loaded Baked Potatoes with you.


When Jennifer recently contacted me about doing a guest post on Carolina Girl Cooks I jumped at the opportunity.  I have been checking in on her blog since I discovered it on Pinterest almost a year ago.  I first came to her site because I loved her sense of style, but I kept coming back because she has great healthy recipes and a fresh perspective on Southern cooking.


I live all the way up in Vermont, so I don’t get very much Southern cooking up here.  That is unless I am making it in my own kitchen (Slow Cooker Chicken Gumbo).  I love Southern cooking.  I love braised greens with a little smoky in them. Black-eyed peas, yes please! And I love, love, love really great cornbread.  I also tend to stick to locally available ingredients for the most part, which is the back-bone of southern cooking.


Here in Vermont we are known for our maple syrup (Maple Pickled Onions), obviously, and if it ever stops snowing we’ll be making more of it in the next few weeks!  Yipee!  We also have apple orchards aplenty (Homemade Applesauce) and what I believe to be the best cheddar cheese on the planet.  Okay, I am a bit biased, but it really is great.


This Broccoli and Bacon Loaded Baked Potatoes recipe featuring really great sharp cheddar is one I love because it really is as simple as can be.  You don’t even need a stove to make it!  Though if you want to adapt it to be made in a range, that will work just as well.  I keep it simple though and just microwave the potatoes.  Then I scoop them out and load them back up with fresh steamed broccoli and just enough smoky bacon to make it seem totally indulgent.  But the best part is that I top them off with sharp cheddar cheese and blast them again to melt the cheese.  The Broccoli and Bacon Loaded Baked Potatoes are so oooey-gooey-comforting and delicious.  My whole family gobbled these Broccoli and Bacon Loaded Baked Potatoes up.  I served them with a side salad of mixed spring greens.  And shhh, nobody even noticed that they were skipping a big portion of meat (I like to call this eating “less meatarian.


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