Fish Tacos

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Fish tacos are one of my favorite dishes to not only eat out at a restaurant, but also to make at home, because they are so incredibly easy and they come together in minutes.  As we get into spring and summer, making fruit salsas to top the tacos with gives an otherwise savory dish a sweet kick making fish tacos completely irresistible.

A while back, I made Coconut Crusted Mahi and Lime Sweet Potatoes that had a delicious fruit salsa on it with kiwi fruit, pineapple, jalapeño and cilantro in it.  I happened to have all of those ingredients in my fridge a couple weeks ago and a frozen mahi filet in the freezer, so fish tacos with fruit salsa was the result.  I have seen ready made fruit salsas at the store before, so if you’d rather cut a corner and just purchase it, by all means, do that.  Hope you enjoy these quick and easy tacos!


Fish Tacos

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