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A couple months ago, the first legalized moonshine distillery opened in Greenville, called Dark Corner.  This is a pretty cool addition to our town considering that not only has distilling moonshine been illegal in the past, so has selling it.  In my area of the Carolina’s, just in the last several years has it become legal to purchase alcohol or consume it in a restaurant on Sunday and only in the city limits can you do so.

The history behind moonshine is pretty interesting as well.  The website above shares a little bit about it, but you can also google ‘dark corner south carolina’ for more information.  There are also books and documentary films relating to it.  A short synopsis is that there is an area of North Greenville county that was settled by Celtic descendants from Scotland, Ireland, England and Wales about 175 years ago.  They distilled whiskey (usually made from corn or grain) for a living.  After the Civil War the government put an excise tax on distilleries and shut down many who refused to pay the tax.  Most ‘moonshiners’ believed that it was their personal right to be able to distill whiskey and to avoid paying, moved the kettles to the deep woods of the mountains where the smoke would be hidden at night when they took the opportunity to distill their spirits.  Because of this illegal activity the area was given the name “Dark Corner.”  Up until now, consuming illegal moonshine could be dangerous.  It could have potentially harmful contaminates, such as freon from old radiators, depending on how it was distilled.  Purchasing from Dark Corner Distillery ensures that you are getting properly distilled whiskey legally.  The whiskey is distilled and bottled on site in batches and they have an area where you can do a tasting. If you call ahead you can schedule a tour of the facility to see exactly how shine is made.  In the front part of the store they have books, t-shirts and pantry items such as moonshine peach salsa, corn relish and pepper jelly.  If you’re ever in the area, definitely stop by and check this place out to get a swig of whiskey and a little history lesson of our deep south.

Dark Corner Entrance
Dark Corner Sign
Dark Corner Brewery
Dark Corner Batch
Dark Corner Packets
Dark Corner Stock

I bought some moonshine to experiment with infusing.  I threw some fall spices and and an apple into a mason jar and covered it with shine.  Seal it up, and let it sit for as long as you’d like.  I opened mine up about a week later just to see what had happened.  I sampled it and I have to say, it wasn’t bad!  There are so many things you could do with moonshine flavor wise, but the apple, vanilla bean, whole clove and cinnamon stick I added created a really yummy fall whiskey.  Perfect for sipping after dinner by the fire.

Moonshine is meant to be sipped and when distilled properly it tastes really good.  I admit that I have tried some that gave you the horrible choking burn as it’s going down.  Dark Corner’s is super clean and at 100 proof it will warm you up quick.  I’m not much of a liquor drinker, but in a small quantity flavored shine is really pretty tasty.


Apple Spiced Moonshine

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Apple Spiced Moonshine Ingredients Dark Corner
Dark Corner Moonshine, Apples and Cinnamon
  Dark Corner Moonshine, Apples and Cinnamon 2
Dark Corner Moonshine, Apples and Cinnamon 3
After a week or longer this is what it starts to look like::
Dark Corner Moonshine, Apples and Cinnamon 4
Dark Corner Moonshine Served
*****DISCLAIMER:  If you consume alcoholic beverages, please do so responsibly.  Designate a driver or use a cab or car service if you plan on drinking.


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