Cranberry Orange and Ginger Scones

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When I used to be on the road full time, some of the stops would host ladies outings for all the girls that travelled.  Sometimes it might be lunch and a fashion show or tickets to see a play or a spa afternoon.  Very indulgent days that were so fun to experience with your friends.  One year while we were all in Chicago, there was a new company that made custom handbags.  You could choose the fabric you wanted, the style and they would make it and ship it to you.  While we were all mingling around, choosing fabrics and chit chatting, we were served the most delectable scones and a take on mimosas from Charlie Trotter’s, Trotters To Go restaurant, which is now closed.  One bite and I fell in love!  They had this wonderful sweet, citrus flavor with a hint of ginger.  The best part was the sugary topping they put on them before baking.  I love adding coarse sugar to baked goods for the extra crust it adds.  The drink we had was Izze Sparkling Clementine and champagne. I knew I just had to make Cranberry Orange and Ginger Scones! So, so good.

This is what I loved so much about traveling and why I can never stay put for very long, my memories from being on the road stem from food and flavors and friendships, and it’s completely addictive.  What’s the next stop?  What’s on the horizon to try next?  Well, that’s the best part…there’s always something new to discover. For now, enjoy this great and delicious Cranberry Orange and Ginger Scones recipe!


Cranberry Orange and Ginger Scones

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