Coconut Crusted Mahi and Lime Sweet Potatoes

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Here is a gluten free, guilt free dinner that I hope you’ll enjoy on the Elimination Challenge.  I would have no problem serving this at a summer dinner party.  I thought it was that good.  There are lots of bright flavors involved in this Coconut Crusted Mahi and Lime Sweet Potatoes. And because of that, you won’t know that “not so good for you” stuff is missing out of this meal. Coconut Crusted Mahi and Lime Sweet Potatoes comes together in a snap and you can even make a couple of the items ahead of time if you do decide to serve this to a crowd.  I had a version of lime sweet potatoes down in St. John last year.  It was an interesting flavor combo and I’ve been wanting to try them at home.  One of the greatest things about sweet potatoes is I feel like they are already so sweet and so creamy that they really don’t need anything added to them…butter, etc.  Even though they are a starch, they are really good for you, so I don’t feel bad eating them on occasion.
In this recipe we are also using some of the items from the tuna tartare recipe (jalapeno, scallions, cilantro and extra limes)
Little side note…I had a friend over for dinner when I made the Coconut Crusted Mahi.  There was quite a bit of the fruit salsa left over and she had a hankering for something sweet.  I had lemon sorbet in the freezer from the Lemon Basil Mojitos so she had a scoop of the sorbet with the fruit salsa on it.  She said it was really good, so if you have fruit salsa left over, that’s one idea of how to use it up.
If you have Mahi, fruit salsa and corn tortillas (from the tartare) left over, make fish tacos.  Cut up the Mahi, maybe add some shredded cabbage, black beans, fruit salsa and if you are eating dairy maybe some sort of cheese (queso fresco, monterey or colby jack) to the warmed tortillas.  YUM!


Coconut Crusted Mahi and Lime Sweet Potatoes

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