Chicken and Herbed Dumplings

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One of the most comforting soup/stews of all time would have to be chicken and dumplings. And believe it or not, I’ve never made it before!  Some of the dishes I’ve seen before aren’t very vibrant in color, so I knew I wanted mine to be a little different in that respect.  What I came up with was a version of an old favorite that I’ll be making over, and over and over again. Enjoy these Herbed Dumplings for our chicken and dumplings.

You can make this two different ways.  I made this completely from scratch by cooking the chicken with herbs and vegetables first to make a broth and then shredded the chicken up before adding it back to the homemade broth along with the herbed dumplings.  If you want to shortcut this, just use a boxed broth and a rotisserie chicken.  I’ll explain more in the recipe below.


Chicken and Herbed Dumplings

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