Bourbon Fig Preserves

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The last of the figs manifested into a home run.  I’m a big fan of fig preserves on a cheese platter so I thought I’d make my own, which was so easy I might add!  I found a few different fig preserves recipes and took what I liked out of them and then somewhere in there got the idea to add Bourbon.  It’s has a slightly smokey, spicy flavor which would be great to carry into fall and winter.  Make bourbon fig preserves now…give away as a gift later?  Little jump on Christmas presents?  Could be helpful.  I served my bourbon fig preserves with goat cheese and crackers, but it would be great over cream cheese, on a roasted pork loin or even heated up and drizzled over ice cream.  Or maybe on a panini with a really good smokey aged cheddar and roasted turkey.  I think I may be hungry.  I’m going to eat, and you all should try this.  Enjoy!


Bourbon Fig Preserves

SERVES about 1 1/2 cups or one jar PrintDownload


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