Beet Juice

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Is this beet juice not the most beautiful color you’ve ever seen in a drink?!  This juicing thing I’ve taken on is making me happy just because of the insane natural colors I’m ingesting.  No one other than mother nature could make beet juice look this appetizing.  Speaking of beets…yeah…unfortunately they have never made it to the list of my favorite veggies.  If they’ve never made it to yours either, not to worry, drinking them is proving to be pretty tasty!  If you add the right stuff.

This is the juice that I was telling you about a couple weeks ago.  The one that my friend made at the lake back in August.  It’s packed with nutritious veggies like kale, cucumbers and of course the star of the show, beets.  It also has watermelon and mint in it to add flavor and sweetness.  I have added an apple to it as well, because the watermelon doesn’t cover up the beets and kale quite as much as I would like.  The added apple makes me want to drink this juice for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

With the holidays coming up, this is a good way to detox after a fun weekend out at parties or indulging in heavier foods than you normally do.  Add in a juice like this one, once a day or every other day and you will glow from the inside out!


Beet Juice

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If you need some direction on a juicer, refer to Carrot Apple Juice 


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